How to choose a saree? (tips for a Sri Lankan bride)

    This is the most problematic decision for a bride. When choosing a saree bride should think about few important things.. 

Color scheme- If it is for your wedding day probably you  want to go in to a light color. Lot of brides prefer white or colors very close to white. For the going away and for the home coming it can be vary to your own taste. It is best to talk to your beautician and decide which color suites you the best.

Saree work- Choose a saree that matches your jewelry. For example don’t buy a sree has worked with gold incorporated if you are wishing to wear silver jewelries.  And you can decide how heavy the work to be. Heavily  worked sarees look good in the pictures and capture the eyes of your guests. But if it weights a lot it can be very difficult for you to enjoy your day.

Budget- One of the most important thing is how much you are wishing to spend on your saree. Keep that in mind it is the most important day of your life, but at the same time it is a saree you won’t wear after that. So don’t be shy to spend but spend it wisely.

Jacket piece- In most sarees we can see there is an extra piece of saree to cut out and use for the saree jacket.  Always control whether it is there or not. It is best to have it, in order not to get the color difference in the saree and the jacket.

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